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About Us

We believe that knowledge is not about mugging up but it is about understanding the concepts and basics and we teach in the same way. We teach students to do SMART WORK-GAIN RESULTS rather than doing HARD WORK-GAIN NOTHING.

Established in 2017, SRK Tutorials is a renowned coaching institute in Maharashtra, specializing in preparing medical and engineering aspirants for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, & 12th Board. Recognized for its unique small-group and one-on-one teaching approach, SRK Tutorials has quickly become a trusted name, moulding successful professionals in a short timeframe. Founded with a vision to guide countless aspirants toward their dreams, SRK Tutorials stands out for its emphasis on personalized learning. With a team of expert and result-oriented professors, SRK Tutorials employs simple learning techniques, ensuring efficient understanding within a short span.

Our extensive experience in the education sector proves instrumental in assisting students to secure admissions to renowned medical and engineering colleges by achieving targeted scores in competitive exams. Over the years, we have keenly observed the patterns, levels, and types of various competitive exams, leveraging our experience, knowledge, and instincts to provide customized training for entrance exams. 

NEET and JEE are prestigious exams for entry into top medical and engineering colleges. With over 15 lakh students annually, only a few secure spots in esteemed institutions like AIIMS, GMCs, IITs, and NITs. To ensure success, NEET/JEE aspirants should join coaching like SRK Tutorials, where expert teachers use effective methodologies aligned with the latest syllabi and exam patterns for optimal preparation.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any academic challenges in the future”.

Our Vision

Our Vision

“To provide innovative and high-quality coaching to become the most trusted institute in engineering and medical exam coaching. Also, redefining teaching paradigms with evolved learning, making it accessible and affordable for all to revolutionize education in India.”

Directors Message

(M.E., PGDCM) Director – SRK Group

Prof. Sagar R. Kharade

Director – SRK Group
(B.E., MBA) Director – SRK Tutorials

Prof. Khushboo S. Kharade

(B.E., MBA)
Director – SRK Tutorials

Season greetings to all! We take honour in addressing you in some of your lives and careers’ most precious years. These educational years play a very important role in making you and your persona for a better future.

“Intelligence and Knowledge are not about mugging up your textbooks and putting them down on a piece of paper; rather it is about clear understanding of concepts.” Your knowledge of the basic things will make your future path easier. And as you know mugging up something needs a lot more time than understanding something. Thus, what you have to do is smart work rather than hard work because smart work will make you smart…

And studying should always be accompanied by some other vocational activity because that will help you build your persona. Always remember ‘it doesn’t matter how good a product is till the time it is not marketed properly.’

We, at SRK Tutorials, not only give you a clear understanding of the concepts but also prepare you for a better future…